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Awesome Fest is a collaboration of seven longtime friends and active members of the DIY punk community.

Awesome Fest is a three-day live music festival of intentionally limited scale aimed at showcasing the diversity, intensity and beauty of DIY punk music. Our goal is to provide a safe, intimate venue to watch awesome bands, discover new music and to hang out with friends from all over the US and the world. Artists are treated fairly and equally. Artists are most often compensated based on a fixed scale associated with how far they came to play. There are no VIP green rooms or even green rooms for that matter. Awesome Fest does not accept corporate sponsorship. We endeavor to engage small, local and independent business owners as that is the kind of economy we want to nurture and participate in. Awesome Fest is not for profit. Only a small reserve of cash is held each year to cover up front expenses for the following year. Curators and volunteers are not compensated for their efforts. Also, rules are mostly for cops and frat boys, however, Awesome Fest does have one: Don’t be an asshole.

Awesome Fest 10 curators: Christina Zamora, Marty Ploy, Ziggy Pelayo, Will Castro, Chris Mason, Davey Quinn and Andy Godfrey.

Former Awesome Fest curators: Jay Elmore, Corrine Elmore, Todd Taylor, Kyle Pagel and Adam Ali

We will be selling weekend passes at registration on Friday for $60 (cash only).

Also, we will be selling individual day passes for all of you that can’t make the whole weekend. Here is how this will work: There will be only 50 passes available each day. First come first serve, only available on the day of, at registration locations each day.

Friday – Day Pass $15 (cash only)
Saturday – Day Pass $25 (cash only)
Sunday – Day Pass $25 (cash only)


The time is here!

Awesome Fest 10! We are so excited to see everyone and get loose as hell with some of our favorite bands, grub the best food there is anywhere with friends from all over in our favorite city, San Diego!

Here is the lowdown for receiving passes for Awesome Fest 10.

You will need to attend registration with your ID / PASSPORT and your credit card you purchased the pass with.

If you had a friend get your pass for you and that friend is not attending AF, then that friend needs to
contact Christina (
before the weekend of AF with the attendees full name as it appears on their ID / PASSPORT, and email address.

Registration will be held at the following locations throughout the weekend:

Thursday, Sept. 1st: TBA at the San Diego Pre-Fest
Friday, Sept. 2nd: 12pm – 10pm at Soda Bar  
[Google Maps]
Saturday, Sept. 3rd: 1pm – 7pm at The Office Bar  
[Google Maps]
Sunday, Sept, 4th: 1pm – 7pm at The Office Bar  [Google Maps]


U-31 – 3112 University Ave, San Diego, CA 92104
The Office – 3936 30th St, San Diego, CA 92104
Soda Bar – 3615 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92104
The Hideout – 3519 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego, CA 92104




Robot (Re)pair 7:45pm – 8:10pm
Dude Jams 8:30pm – 8:55pm
Macho Boys 9:15pm – 9:40pm
The Stops 10:00pm – 10:25pm
Detached Objects 10:45pm – 11:10pm
Deep Sleep 11:30pm – 11:55pm
Melted 12:15am – 12:45am
Lemuria 1:00am – Close


The Plurals 7:25pm – 7:50pm
The Capitalist Kids 8:10pm – 8:35pm
The Raging Nathans 8:55pm – 9:20pm
Dead Bars 9:40pm – 10:05pm
Horror Squad 10:25pm – 10:50pm
Shallow Cuts 11:10pm – 11:35pm
The Tim Version 11:55pm – 12:25am
Tiltwheel 12:40am – Close



Ash Williams 2:35pm – 3:00pm
Caffiends 3:20pm – 3:45pm
Madison Bloodbath 4:05pm – 4:30pm
Great Apes 4:50pm – 5:15pm
Turkish Techno 5:35pm – 6:05pm
Shang-A-Lang 6:25pm – Close


Crow Baby 3:00pm – 3:25pm
Winter Break 3:45pm – 4:10pm
Dyke Drama 4:30pm – 4:55pm
Rumspringer 5:15pm – 5:40pm
Underground Railroad To Candyland 6:00pm – 6:30pm
RVIVR 6:50pm – Close


Hermanas Y Hermanas 8:10pm – 8:35pm
The Maxies 8:55pm – 9:20pm
Daydream 9:40pm – 10:05pm
Nato Coles & The Blue Diamond Band 10:25pm – 10:50pm
DFMK 11:10pm – 11:35am
Western Settings 11:55pm – 12:25am
Red City Radio 12:45am – Close


Post/Boredom 8:30pm – 8:55pm
Bad Future 9:15pm – 9:40pm
Death Eyes 10:00pm – 10:25pm
The Fur Coats 10:45pm – 11:10pm
Low Culture 11:30pm – 11:55pm
Toys That Kill 12:15am – 12:45am
The Arrivals 1:00am – Close



Tungas 2:35pm – 3:00pm
Dead Dads 3:20pm – 3:45pm
Hellgod 4:05pm – 4:30pm
New Way On 4:50pm – 5:15pm
Four Lights 5:35pm – 6:05pm
Problem Daughter 6:25pm – Close


Danger Inc 3:00pm – 3:25pm
The Stupid Daikini 3:45pm – 4:10pm
Decent Criminal 4:30pm – 4:55pm
Lysolgang 5:15pm – 5:40pm
toyGuitar 6:00pm – 6:30pm
Bad Cop/Bad Cop 6:50pm – Close


Young Go-Hards 8:30pm – 8:55pm
Squarecrow 9:15pm – 9:40pm
Caskitt 10:00pm – 10:25pm
Secondaries 10:45pm – 11:10pm
Dudes Night 11:30pm – 11:55pm
Broadway Calls 12:15am – 12:45am
Success 1:00am – Close


The Stalins of Sound 8:10pm – 8:35pm
City Mouse 8:55pm – 9:20pm
Rational Anthem 9:40pm – 10:05pm
Gentlemen Prefer Blood 10:25pm – 10:50pm
Bastards of Young 11:10pm – 11:35am
Stymie 11:55pm – 12:25am
The Slow Death 12:45am – Close